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Gender Neutral

Pair Dance Workshop

Photo: Dani Bower and IDFB2016/DanceXchange 

Challenge the norm with this gender neutral workshop led by dance artist Yukiko Masui. Her new project ‘It Takes Two Too’ successfully received funding to develop a dance performance that challenges traditional gender roles through Latin and Contemporary Dance. As part of the research and development phase, Yukiko is hosting this workshop at Danceworks. A questionnaire will be offered to all participants and the feedback will play an integral part in the research phase. This FREE tester workshop is open to all levels, combining a mixture of different Latin dance styles. Participants will learn both leading and following skills regardless of set gender etiquette or tradition.


To book a place email:
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Feedback from the past participants

- Didn't feel intimidated. Sometimes I feel the environment a bit predatory at this sort of dance, but this(class) was more friendly.

- dancing with girl make me feel more relax

-really loved the idea and class. Would definitely do this class again.

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