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Fal l ing  Fami ly

Falling Family is a new dance show by Yukiko Masui rooted in personal experience and exploring in movement those moments in family life that are simply not expressible in speech. It taps into the dark, conflicted, emotional space that cracks open when we encounter a loved one’s illness, mental breakdown or even death.

Building on Masui's DanceXchange Choreography Award for PROCESS – a solo exploring her grandmother’s death & the burial rites that accompanied it – Falling Family is an extended 35-minute ensemble show with four dancers.

Choreographer Yukiko Masui
Dancers Julie Ann Minaai, Annakanako Mohri, Daniel Phung, Yumino Seki
Composer Ezra Axelrod
Dramaturg Arne Pohlmeier
Lighting Designer Ben Moon
Costume Designer Giulia Scrimieri
Artistic Mentor Hetain Patel
Producer Sarah P. Maguire
Associate Producer Vasanthi Argouin

Commissioned by DanceXchange, The Place and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Supported using public funding through Arts Council England. With additional support from the Sasakawa Foundation. Official event of the Japan Season of Culture.

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