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Unbox is a solo movement piece exploring the point where urban, contemporary and tradition meet. This work aims to find movements which do not belong anywhere.


The piece is going to be a very personal journey and investigation into cross-genre movements which aim to be unidentified as a dance genre. I am searching for a place that people cannot put me in a category as a dancer or a person. 


Choreographer: Yukiko Masui

Dancer: Yukiko Masui





Once in a blue moon, along comes a performance that makes you sit up and pay unwavering attention. Yukiko Masui’s Unbox is one such. There is not an inch of slack in this sixteen minute solo. The piece is ordered with inexorable logic. It opens in silence; progresses to the sound of a low electronic pulse; increases its densities of texture and rhythm; returns to silence. The stage is set with a sharp square of light, and shifts through ambiences with sidelights, washes and circular spots before returning to the square. Masui begins in a hoodie that shadows her face, and at each section peels off another layer: hoodie, top, t-shirt. If the framework grips, it’s Masui’s dancing that transfixes. She imparts the same electric clarity to tiny tremors as to explosive falls, the same intensity of poise and attack to tumbling spirals as to baring a forearm, or flicking her fingers. A riveting solo that deserves wider exposure.




Yukiko Masui is an astounding dancer, captivating any audience she performs for. She is starting to develop her own choreographic voice drawn from the range of different styles she has trained in and is certainly one to watch for the future.”


by Polly Risbridger, Director, East London Dance

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