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It Takes Two Too

It Takes Two Too explores the possibilities of gender roles through Latin and Contemporary Dance.

How much we are trained to do/perform “woman” or “man” - ideas imposed by society - rather than just being.


What if women and men both were trained to be leaders

What if men and women both were trained to be followers

Choreography: Yukiko Masui in collaboration with the dancers


Franco Conquest
Gareth Mole

KJ L.Mortimer

Yukiko Masui

Dramaturg: Arne Pohlmeier(Two Gents Productions)
Project Management support: Anthea Lewis


"Tokyo-born Yukiko Masui’s It Takes Two Too is a sexy, sultry landscape of Latin flavours, gently rolling hips and slow electronica. Dressed neutrally, the two couples are clad in black turtleneck tops and black ankle length skirts, revealing bare thighs through an open slit. Masui’s investigation of gender norms presents itself as same-gender pairings, as well as women leading their male counterparts...It Take Takes Two Too is a slick and seductive work."

by Maya Pindar

Shown at Resolution2016, Swingamajig2016, Interenational Dance Festival of Birmingham and Wilderness Festival.

It Takes Two Too quartet by Chantal Guevara
IT2T tech pic 2
IT2T by Chantal Guevara
IT2T by Mickael Marso Riviere

Photo by Chantal Guevara

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